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Is The PTCB Exam Hard?

Is The PTCB Exam Hard?

If you are scheduled to take the PTCB exam in the near future, you may be worried about the difficulty of the test. (Is the PTCB exam hard is normally one of the first questions a prospective technician asks in the pharmacy forum!) After all, how to pass PTCB exam is the only thing standing in your way of becoming a certified pharmacy technician.

So is the PTCB exam hard? Well, the honest and most sensible answer has to be that the difficulty of the exam varies with each student. Naturally, some find the test to be easy, while others fail on their first attempt. SO long as you have a sensible broad brush knowledge of the subjects, then the key to passing the test is to understand exactly what material to study. [click to continue…]


PTCB Study Guide

Why do you need a PTCB Study Guide?

Because taking the PTCB exam is a career choice that will open up a huge range of job opportunities if you pass. The PTCB study guide or any other kind of revision support you use will ultimately be an element of how well you do. The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board exam is the national test that is required before any pharmacy technician can be employed. Once passed, a person is able to complete their PTCB Registration with the relevant state board so that they are now legally allowed to be a technician.

PTCB Study Guide – Key Subject Matter

Before studying, it is vital to understand that the PTCE will have 9 key areas that it covers. While each area is important, some are a little more important than others. This is because certain areas encompass the majority of the test. These include: [click to continue…]



What is the PTCB exam?


In 1995 the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, also known as the PTCB, was created to develop a certification program that would give national recognition to individuals to show that they’ve gained the skills and knowledge needed to safely work as a pharmacy technician.

That program administers and develops / promotes the PTCE – the Pharmacy Technicians Certification Exam which is known as the PTCB exam or the PTCE Exam.

The PTCB is itself governed by 5 different organisations that ensure its’ aim to be a national quality mark that enables pharmacy technicians to work safely and efficiently with pharmacists is maintained. These 5 organizations are:- [click to continue…]


What Should I Study for the PTCB Exam?


What Should I Study For The PTCB Exam?

What Should I Study For The PTCB Exam?

Becoming a pharmacy technician means that you will need to study for the PTCB exam. This exam, also known as the PTCE, is administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and must be obtained regardless of which state a person is practicing. (Once obtained, a person will be required to register with their local state board so that they can become a Pharmacy Technician. The best source of information as to which State requires what criteria can be found at the NPTA – National Pharmacy Technicians Association site. Downside to access their list is that you’ll need to be a member – upside is if you’re serious about passing your PTCB you’ll really benefit from the huge amount of information you’ll find in the members section!)

You need to understand, when working out what to study for the PTCB exam, that the recently revised PTCB exam blueprint ensures that each person certified has the basic knowledge needed in the field. This means that they will test across a broad range of pharmacist technical areas and you’ll need to study and revise for each one.  (It’s also worth noting that different countries have different requirements – you can find a really good guide on what to study for the PTCB exam based on country breakdown at the Wikipedia Pharmacy Technician page.)

The test is 90 questions in length and can be taken online or in a classroom setting. The material that you must fully know is: [click to continue…]

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